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defaults are annoying, by default

App developers and product owners are faced with an endless series of important ui/ux decisions:

Pre-AI Approach:

different users, same default ui/ux

Traditionally, product owners are forced to make these ui/ux decisions for all users based on human intuition. In a data-driven app, some of these decisions may be validated in various A/B tests. However, after each A/B test is concluded, all users would be presented with the same winning choice. Therefore, if 53% of users prefer auto-play on their videos, the remaining 47% are forced to accept the choice of the small majority.

Better with Haro:

personalized ui/ux

With Haro, you can drive these ui/ux decisions based on user behavior predictions. For instance, user notifications (and other interruptions) can be justified based on how likely the user is to engage with the target content. In addition to pure predictions, Haro enables you make ui/ux decisions to optimize for a desired behavior. For instance, you can pick for each user whether to auto-play the next video or not, based on what choice increases the chance of the user finishing another video.

By Reducing generic user assumptions and blanket default experiences in your app's ui/ux, Haro makes your app feel polished, personalized, and a joy to use.

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