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Haro empowers your team to build intelligent, profitable, engaging, and enjoyable apps with prediction-driven features. Your team is good at building apps. Haro enables them to make better apps with the power of predictions.


Haro is a developer-friendly SaaS prediction engine that fully automates the end-to-end process of going from raw user events to real-time predictions.

Haro takes care of all the specialized and technical details of building and running a prediction engine, providing a “batteries included” interface that is as easy and intuitive to use as a database.

With Haro, your current team can build prediction-driven features to make your app more engaging, enjoyable, and profitable.

1.0 // Benefits

Relevant content, engaged users

Use the power of predictions to show the most relevant content to each user, resulting in more engaged users that are able to discover the content they love.

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Higher Sales, Higher Margins

Unchain your app from the guesswork of rule-based cross-sell/up-sell and intuition-based offers. Predictions based on user behavior can drive your cross-sell, up-sell and offer logic, optimizing the best “what”, “when”, and “how-much” parameters for each individual user.

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Less Friction, More Joy

Reduce generic user assumptions and blanket default experiences in your app's UI/UX. Prediction-driven features make your app feel polished, personalized, and a joy to use.

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2.0 // Features

Events In, Predictions Out

Haro provides a fully automated prediction engine via two simple API’s: one to send user events to Haro and the other to fetch predicted future behavior for each user. Every other detail of model training, evaluation, selection, hosting and scaling is taken care of by Haro.

Predict Anything, Predict Everything

Haro enables you to predict virtually any aspect of the future user behavior. A few examples include ranking items based on user engagement (e.g. recommendation), anticipating a future user action (e.g. intervention), and predicting numerical contexts of user behavior (e.g. price sensitivity). Haro provides a unified platform for all predictive use cases to improve your app.

Optimize for the Desired Outcomes

Rather than vanilla recommendations (user X likes item Y), Haro enables you to optimize for the outcome that you care about. For instance, a video app can rank videos based on what videos a user would “start to watch”, or would “finish watching”, or would “spend the most seconds watching”, or is most likely to “share on social media”.

Rich User and Item Signatures

Haro builds rich user signatures based on all previous user behavior (items bought, blog posts read, videos watched, images liked, etc.) and rich item signatures based on all available data (product descriptions, full text of articles, etc.) to drastically improve the predictions.

By Devs, For Devs

Haro is built by experienced software engineers who pride themselves in making the life of other devs easy. Haro is built with the goal of making every step of integration clear, low-risk, and pain free.

Proven at Scale

Haro has been deployed in production for apps with millions of daily active users. Haro is built on top of a redundant and scalable infrastructure to scale up with your app.

3.0 // Under the Hood

At the core of Haro is a series of deep, hybrid, and classical machine learning models that build rich user and item signatures based on the incoming raw events. Haro makes the best use of your app’s available data, employing powerful deep models if your app generates large-scale data and automatically falling back to more conservative models if less data is available. State-of-the-art ML infrastructure automatically retrains and redeploys models, and makes real-time prediction for millions of active users. An optimization and exploration layer sits on top of the prediction layer allowing the app to optimize for desired outcomes, as well as mixing the use of current learnings (exploitation) with gathering important new data (exploration).

4.0 // Product Vision

The Haro philosophy is that your team is the most qualified and the most passionate group to improve your app. Your team is able to use a database engine today without needing to care about the technical details of a concurrent indexing tree algorithm. With Haro, your team will be able to vastly improve your apps with prediction-driven features without needing to care about real-time feature extraction and machine learning algorithms.

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